Another Narita Trip

By the time I reach the hotel, it was already 10.30am. Could have reach earlier if not for the connecting passengers. I managed to sleep for 2 hours plus.

Something freaky happened halfway sleeping, all the lights in my room turned on automatically. I’m too tired to even think what have caused it, and just flipped all the lights off and continued sleeping.

I got up, took the 2.30pm shuttle to Terminal 2, and only able to catch the next bus at 3.40pm to Tokyo. By the time I reach Tokyo, it is already 5pm. That’s mean I have only 3 and half hour to walk around before I need to catch the last bus back to the terminal. How sad.

This time I decided to visit a bicycle store. I’ve chosen Y’s Road Bike store near Akihabara, thinking naively that I still got time to check out Yodabashi at Akihabara after I’ve finished browsing the bike store. The store doesn’t disappoint, so I overspent my time there.

There are so many Brompton bikes which made my heart itchy again for a Brompton bike after I’ve gave up on that idea last July when I visited London. They’re price pretty competitively without tax:

M3L Normal Color 160,000 yen
M3L 170,000 yenS6L Normal Color 178,000 yen
S6L 185,000 yen
M6L 184,000 yen

They also sell few Dahon folders and ther rest are expensive road bikes. Since they sell Dahon there, parts can also be found there, such as 20″ Kojak tires. I also get to try out Ergon grip which I think I’ll pick one up soon. Then there’s also quite a selection of Knog and Cateye lights, bicycle locks, saddles. Oh not forgetting quite a selection of Shimano gear sets.

After visiting the bicycle store, I walked around looking for dinner, which is also my lunch. I went into this bar called おかってや 御徒町店. I ordered a plate of sashimi, mix rice and some sake. The waitress named Ami are kind enough to guide me on how to drink the specially over-poured sake. The mix rice was sort of cooked on the spot on my table, and I was specifically told to only eat after 30 minutes. A timer was placed on the table together with the meal.

おかってや 御徒町店

The food is nice and I thought I could finish faster to continue shopping. End up after meal I had some small talk with the two waitress. There’s another waitress named Manami and her brother is also working in the kitchen. She’s a student and working part time. After taking their photo, it was time for me to catch my bus.

おかってや 御徒町店

I under-stimated the time needed to reach the bus stop, mainly because I got a bit loss at Otemachi station. I pretty much ran to the bus stop after I found out how far was I when I got the the surface level and checked Google Map. With so little time for actually spending in the city, I say the trip down isn’t worth the 2000 yen return bus trip.

However, thinking back again, I being able to discover some place new, talking a bit to the locals, and trying out new way of drinking sake. The trip isn’t that bad after all.

Another Narita Trip

Carl’s Jr

I went and tried Carl’s Jr with my housemate the other day, because my brother strongly recommend that I go try it. I’m skeptical of paying more than RM20 for some burgers and fries, I felt that it is not worth it at all.

First, the fries taste really different from McD or KFC. My housemate told me that they didn’t use any flour on it, thus they taste 100% potatoes. I’m happy to report that I really like that potato taste. I don’t even think they deep fried it, only toast it. That was the small size, I do not want to pressure my stomach by upgrading to Medium (+RM1.50) or even Large (+RM3).

The burgers sure are big. It’s not only the size that matters, the beef taste superb! It taste much better than McD, and larger too! However at twice the price of that of McD Quarter Pounder, the size is less as two Quarter P. Why eat so much? Just enjoy the good taste to compensate.

Just like McD, the drinks are free flow, but they are doing the Burger King style – the soft drink machine is outside, not needing any assistance from the workers. They even have Ice Lemon Tea and Ice Tea as their drink selection, pretty nice.

Am I going there again? Most probably, but I’ll be taking the below-RM20 set instead. My next target would be Wendy’s Burger, that’s my roommate’s recommendation.

I didn’t bring a proper camera, that explain the blurry pictures from my Nokia 6230i.

Carl’s Jr

Lim Teh

Back in Kuching, if I were to go out “lim teh” (drink tea, literally) with my friends, we would probably go to Jalan Song or Pentanak, which I need to drive. However, here in Langkawi, getting a car just to go drink is not cheap, so we only go to places within walking distance. When I first came here, there are Mamak stalls operating inside the school compound by outsider. After the case of food poisoning, they blamed the Mamak stalls and forcing them to stop operation. So we need to look elsewhere after that.


deOrange is a cafe located just beside our school. Since it is the closest to our school, we went there most often. Other than the normal drinks like Milo ice, Teh and Kopi that cost around RM1~1.20, they also serve fried rice, lots of variety of fried rice, cost from RM3~6.

Then there is this place around 10 minutes walking distance from my school, the Jetty. I don’t know what the cafe is called, but Jetty is what we call it because there is a jetty nearby. It’s at the sea side, so we have the view of the sea, but the waves there is not that big, since the wave breaker is surrounding the area.


Jetty, later at night.

The view from Jetty

Another view at late evening.

Usually my friends will go there to drink beer as they wasn’t sold at deOrange. Again, none of my friends going there are heavy drinker, and drink with care. Other than beer, they also serve food such as western food. I had chicken chop once, and I don’t like it, I prefer the free ones cooked by the school cafeteria. However, I like their Tom Yam bihun. Although no match to Sarawak Laksa, it’s spicy, really spicy and it taste good!

Tom Yam Bihun
Lim Teh

Finally, Pork

I haven’t been going out to Kuah town for a nice dinner outside since like before CNY. You might thought that we’ll be enjoying seafood in a paradise island like Langkawi, but that’s so wrong. I rather go back to Sarawak for the seafood, it cost much less and taste the same. We dine out to eat pork! My friend also ordered roast duck too, which I never ate before in the cafeteria, but my mum cook better duck so I’m not fond of eating ducks. It’s not like my mum cook bad pork, but that I can live without eating duck. Here are pictures for some of the dishes.



Hakka Tofu

Man we sure enjoyed. Cost RM68 for 5 person, not bad!

Oh, and there’s this newly opened cinema at Kuah, but I’m not in the mood to watch movie.

My friend went to this small hut-temple nearby the shopping mall with the cinema.

We decided to stop by this fruit store. After browsing around, we left without buying anything. The durian cost RM7/kg!
Finally, Pork

Penang Food

About the Penang trip a month ago, my friend took me to eat all kind of Penang food. Luckily I got my little IXUS 50 with me all the time so I can take photos of these nice stuffs.

This is called Hokkien Mee, aka Penang Prawn Mee in Sarawak. Something I like about how they serve is that they put the spicy sauce on your spoon, which is not yet inside the soup. That way, you can choose how spicy you want your mee gets.

Penang Laksa, with colour and taste totally different from Sarawak Laksa. Though it got its own taste, I still prefer Sarawak laksa. There’s a rumour that they mix the laksa with tissue paper in order to make the soup sticky, I hope I didn’t swallow any of those…

Curry mee, which don’t need much explaination, only slight different taste of curry.

Here’s the cendol, and I like it as it is closer to what Sarawakian is eating, compared to those cendol in Langkawi.

Ju Chiong Fan, direct translation, Pig Intestine Powder. Anyway, they use Rojak sause on it, and that makes it different from the Sarawak counterpart.

O Jian, or Fried Oyster Omelete. They did put a lot of oysters… hehe…

The last one is Penang Rojak. Not so much different from the rojak I use to eat.

Penang Food

PDA, gone…

I wished they didn’t take my Palm PDA from me, because A LOT of my data is stored inside it. All my contacts, financial records and calendar schedules were stored inside my PDA for easy retrieval. Losing my PDA is like I never live through the past 7 months. I did kept duplicates of my data in my desktop PC at home in Kuching. But the backup was 7 months old, so I lost everything that I’d put in ever since I left Kuching.

Good thing I password protect my financial data, otherwise they probably got hold of my online banking account password already. And it’ll be easy for them to use my account to purchase thing like AirAsia flight tickets.

I went around shopping for a new phone on Monday. Due to the fact that I lost my phone so sudden, I wasn’t prepared to buy a new phone. To narrow down the scope, I just want a Nokia phone because I don’t like Ericsson’s system and don’t want to learn how to SMS using it. I want EDGE, just for the fun of it, but I don’t need 3G because it wasn’t supported by DiGi and I don’t see the future of using video call (That too, rule out a second camera feature for video call). I need Bluetooth, as I may need it to sync with my (future) laptop wirelessly, and able to use it as modem to get online. I need a good, high resolution display for me to cram more text in the screen, or able to read high res. Text comfortably. I don’t want Symbian OS, I dun like the lagging interface! Last thing for sure, I don’t want to spend a bomb on it.

Two only two phones that met the criteria is the RM700 6230i released two years ago, and the just release 6233 which cost just below RM1000. Being the successor to 6230i, the 6233 has a higher resolution screen, newer OS (Platform 40.3 instead of 40.2), and 3G capable. It also got better build quality, something resembling aluminum, so it feels sturdier. However, I opted for the 6230i because I don’t think it’s worth the extra RM300 for those stuff. I even think that 6230i cost prohibitively expensive at that price, I was hoping that I can buy it at not more than RM550.

My Nokia 6230i. Notice the blank background?

Overall, I’m didn’t feel regret for the purchase, the 6230i is one BIG upgrade from my old trusty 8310. The 8310 is the first few phones from Nokia using GPRS, and 6230i is the first few having EDGE. The screen is bright and sharp, I’m happy that it still can render those text based graphical SMS properly even after changing the font and increasing the screen resolution. I like the shortcut feature where I can use small apps like calculator, calendar (if wasn’t for that I lost my PDA), voice recorder and compose SMS at one touch of a button. I also like the voice recorder being able to record an hour of audio per file. I’m glad that it retain the old fashion way of using the same old T9 input to write SMS. The keys were the same as my old 8310. I also like the speed that my SMS inbox is able to load (less than a sec) instead of waiting like 10 seconds for my 8310 to load its Inbox with more than 50 sms.

And that’s probably all about it.

The phone is really some battery hungry device, as I need to recharge it after one day of frequent fiddling around (I didn’t make any voice calls, and no camera testing). Sound like it will need to charge my phone at LEAST once every two days, and normally everyday. The menu system is not as fluid, at least it’s choppy in the sliding mode. It does feel faster when using the icon mode (like SE’s menu). However, scrolling everywhere else is also not as fliud, and that includes scrolling in the SMS inbox, every submenus, contact lists, phone logs… anywhere, but not for writing SMS, thank goodness. I’m not into mobile gaming, so I haven’t test the game yet. I like the included applications, an English-Chinese dictionary, a unit converter, and a world clock. I don’t like the included wallpaper, and now I’m using the “Basic” theme with a good o’ white background for everything. I haven’t tried MMS or WAP yet.

I hope this phone can last at least 3 years this time. Both of my 8310 and 8250 lasted more than 3 years of using.

Some extras here. I had my first bowl of (Sarawak) Laksa today. Langkawi Laksa is totally different from the laksa here in Sarawak. Taste wise, Langkawi Laksa, lost big time. Penang laksa is also the same as Langkawi’s, I’ll go try it out in the future. And I heard from my friend that down under at Johor and Singapore, their laksa is made of curry. Huh? I must try it too some day.

This is how a laksa should look like!
PDA, gone…