Sunset With X100S

First time using the X100S on sunset shot. It’s kind of exposure nightmare for the digital camera because the sky is usually too bright and the ground too dark. I’d spent few grands on GND filters to solve the problem with my DSLR, and the result are pretty good. The problem is that GND takes time to setup and shoot, and you’ll definitely need to use a tripod for the job.

The X100S got a nifty dynamic range extension like the 40D, except that the X100S can do two extra stops. Basically at ISO800, the photo is taken at ISO200 with two stop underexposed. Then the JPEG engine will brighten the shadow area.

Below the photo is taken at Aperture mode @ f/2.5, Auto ISO selected to 4000 to keep the 1/125 shutter speed. I’d selected EV+1 because the ground was underexposed. I would say the JPEG SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) is pretty darn good. At ISO4000 the noise is very well controlled.

I tried a little edit on the file, and I’m surprised how much I can pull from the highlight. Again, not forgetting this is from JPEG. With some NR on the software, the pic actually look usable!

I dial in the settings on the shot, f/4 ISO1600 handheld at 1/13. The leaf shutter causes less shake compared to the ones in DSLR. Again, very impressive SOOC.

A quick adjustment in Lightroom on the JPEG and this a really nice photo. I didn’t change the colour temperature one bit!

Now, that challenge of taking landscape with the not so wide 35mm focal length will be something I will need to improve upon.

Sunset With X100S

My Photos on Other Sites

Just wanted to keep tab on other sites which is using my photos, with or without my acknowledgment.

Kuching Travel Destination Guide – Orang Utan shot

Island Tours – Pulau Kapas Aerial shot.

My Photos on Other Sites


My friend invited me to watch the arrival of Thunderbird on Thursday afternoon together with another aircraft enthusiast friend of his. We went through Kampung Subang and reached the west side of Subang Airport at 4.30pm. The spotting location is near the threshold of Runway 15, impressively close for photographing planes landing.
Spotting Point
That’s my friend who followed us

We waited for a while there before we move on to another spot closer to the touchdown point of Runway 15, more than 1000ft from the threshold. The sky were partly blocked by trees, so we can’t really see plane on approach, but we were closer to the spot where the plane’s gears touches the ground, and able to shoot from front of the plane.

Firefly ATR72 on final approach.
Private jet taking off.
The 5 USAF F16 Thunderbirds finally arrived by making a flyby and then landing on RW15 one by one. My friend said they did “wheeley” thing whereby their main gear touches down and keep the engine above idle so they could hold their nose up while rolling down the runway. Anyway, impressive sound from their engine. We waited a while for the USAF KC tanker, but it was fruitless as for some reason it didn’t come that day.
Thunderbird doing a flyby
The last F16 landing.
Berjaya Air DeHavilland Dash 7 landing.

After that his friend treated us for dinner in a Chinese restaurant at Kampung Subang. Even though I stay so long near Subang Airport, it’s still my first time going to Kampung Subang, it is like a small town of its own at the other side of the airport. I was outside that day, so I did not feel the tremor from the Sumatra earthquake. After coming back home, my housemate told me he felt it at our place. Not to mention the number of people updating Facebook about what they’d felt.

The restaurant we had our dinner at.

Next day on Friday evening, my senior brought me to Pearson warehouse sale. I guess it is like a pretty awesome sale that could make MPH warehouse sale looks like a rip-off. I got some Penguin Rough Guide travel guides for myself at some pretty dirt cheap price of RM18~27 each. Moreover, another 20% discount was given to Digi users. However the guide weren’t the latest, the newest was publish on November 2008 while the oldest I got was dated back 2006. Other than travel books, I also got myself some miscellaneous Idiot Guide books.

Pearson warehouse sale!
At least I have something to read if I go there.

I just don’t know what novel to pick…



Above: Taken using Canon Powershot A10 through Binocular

Above: Taken using Canon IXUS V3 through Binocular

Above: Taken using Canon Powershot S1 IS

Above: Taken using Canon Powershot S3 IS

Above: Taken using Canon EOS 1000D with EFS 55-250mm lens


Lu Zhou 10th Anniversary Concert

One big reason I’m back to Miri this time is to attend LZ Concert organised by Lu Zhou Youth Centre. I get even more than I ask for; I get to be part of the participant and helper.

Practicing the finale song at LZ Centre

Sign Language practice

Chinese traditional music practice

The preparation for the concert was quite rush, they only started planning 2 months before the actual performance. Since we can only use the civic centre 2 nights before the concert, we only have two nights for rehearsal. Even the on the morning before the concert at night, the planners were still suggesting major modification to the programs; and tried very hard to polish the whole show. Modification wasn’t easy to carry out as they are participant from outside of LuZhou namely Dancing Shadow, Chung Hua’s brass band and Storm band, Pei Min’s Chinese musical band etc. Then there was the small problem of insufficient prop movers. Even the lighting crew lost their preset on-stage lighting programs the morning before the concert. Many challenges were met, and we didn’t give up and worked harder.

First day rehearsal

Second and last day full costume rehearsal

Lighting test

As for the actual concert, although not groundbreaking or perfect, what we all are able to achieve is simply amazing and heart warming. It was easily told by the faces of the participants, everyone was happy and satisfied. All of the programs may not meet the demand or taste of all viewers, but I’m sure different programs had meet the demands for all the different viewers.




Sharing session

Lucas’s talk

Performance by Dancing Shadow

“Storm” Performance


Madley 2

Chinese music & live band performance

Another performance by Dancing Shadow

Finale Song

Group photos

Post Concert

I came five days in advance of the concert, mainly to practice my role in one of the programs. It was something like a talk show among five of us who further our studies outside Miri, sharing our opinions about what Lu Zhou did for us for the past few years. They also threw in two songs for us to sing.

When I’m having my practice session.

I never performed on stage before, so standing on Miri Civic Centre stage really isn’t what I am comfortable with. However, I know that if I don’t try it out now, there will be no such chances in the future anymore, after my career took off. It was one of the best decisions I’d ever made, it will be one of those good memories I can have. Not only did I made many new friends, participating in the concert really makes Miri feels like home again for me, which is really unexpected for me.

Lu Zhou 10th Anniversary Concert

Kuching Sin Chiew Concert (sort of)

Local Singer… Chong… something

They got this fashion show going, but I’d missed it.

They are also promoting a local made movie, soon to be show on cinema, called… nvm…

Amber Chia is going to act in it, so there she is.

This Malay artist too.

Not them, and their unimpressive show off.

Local band performing

More noisy band

Some people just cannot stand the noise!

Finally the last band.

These two were famous bloggers from West M’sia, invited to become MC.
Kuching Sin Chiew Concert (sort of)