Brompton Deal

I don’t know why I just wanted to buy it, I’m guess it is an impulse purchase. I heard about Brompton when I was buying my second bike, but I wasn’t impress of its weight, gear range and looks back then. Fast forward one year later, I don’t know why I am so obsessed with it. 

Maybe the people who ride them just stand out from the crowd, it is unlike any bicycle that looks like a China copies. Maybe it is the small size which it can fold into, and to fit into a check-in bag without taking out any parts. Maybe I am fed up scratching and damaging my Tern D8 after transporting in a checked baggage. Maybe it is the ability to roll the bike easily after it has been folded. Maybe it is the fascinating 3 speed internal hub.

I don’t know, I need to own it to experience it.


So I’ve been scouting around for more than a year for one. Last year I went to London and never got one because for one, I still can’t accept the high price and two, it can’t fit into my current check-baggage. It was selling more than RM1k less than in Malaysia. So I continue riding with what I have and slowly decide if I need to spend that sort of money for something so hippie. 


Few months back when I went and check the price of the bikes again, the Malaysian price has gone up another RM1k! Whoa! It will be consider as okay before BREXIT, before the GBP tumbles, but this is the price after that, as if the price remain at the rate when GBP was highest. Heck, someone is BicycleBuySell is selling his used 2012 model for RM5.5k!

Looking at how the used value hold, I figure it should be okay to buy one, but one with the old 2015 price. In order to get that price, I need to get the older model, brand new. Just one day few weeks back, someone in LYF was asking if he can get a Brompton at a lower than market rate, complaining that it is so much cheaper to get in UK. Another former mentioned that there are still old stock in one of the bike shop in Taiping. I PM-ed the guy asking for contacts. 


I contact the bike shop, but the seller is reluctant to reveal the exact price he wanted to sell, quoting RM6k+. Since I budget RM6k, I decided to go to the shop and check it out, even if the shop is in Taiping, 250km away. It was my second time in Taiping but his shop wasn’t that difficult to find. He only has two Brompton left, red-white and yellow-black, both are M6L. 

Except for their color, both are almost the specs that I wanted. If it was a 3 speed, without mudguard, S-type handle bar, I wouldn’t bother to visit the shop. I wish one had a rack, but I don’t have much use for a rack since it is much better to put a bag in front instead of behind. In fact one of the bike did comes with a block in front for attaching bagel.

Yep, that’s the price I ended paying buying both of the bikes. What’s the fun of it if I can’t do the things I love together with my love one. Now let’s just hope she will also alike the bike. 

Brompton Deal