Getting Bootloop in Shanghai

I should have done a nandroid backup before I flash the latest CM13 ROM. I didn’t do it because updating a new nightly didn’t cause much of a problem until today. While at work, without any sort of internet connection, I don’t use my phone much. So I just went and update the ROM. It ended-up getting into a boot-loop. 

I ended up in Shanghai after finishing my work. So once I got my wifi in the room on my laptop, I quickly went and grab the latest version of ROM to see if I can set it up. I manage to connect briefly into my house’s VPN so for a while I was able to message my wife using Facebook Messenger. Usually I contact her using Whatsapp while overseas, but no phone no Whatsapp. 

I seem to be able to download the latest ROM and OpenGApp, so I load them into the phone, did a factory reset, and flashed both .zip. Then realities hit me, I can’t set up the phone because it needs to talk to Google server. I can’t get past the set up screen, so I can’t set up a VPN connection from my phone to reach Google’s server. 

I noticed a few days back that I can set up hotspot on my laptop, I haven’t thought of the practicality of it until today. The laptop is always connected to the internet thru wifi, so why do I need to create another wifi network out of it? If my laptop is connected thru VPN, I can share that secured connection to my phone. Thus my phone doesn’t need to set up VPN.

I tried that method and I’m guessing the connection to my house’s server is so slow that nothing seems to be loading. I went and restart the house router by connecting into its control panel. Then after that I can’t log into the VPN anymore. Now I end up with a completely useless phone. Good thing about my job is that I will be back at home tomorrow, away from all this China Great Firewall crap. 

Without Whatsapp, Google, Facebook, I can only fall back to my Yahoo Mail which seems to be working in China. I wrote an email to my wife updating her my failed attempted to setup the phone, and hit the Send button. For some weird reason, only the first letter got thru – the letter H from the word “Hi”. I don’t know was it the Safari on the iPad or what-the-fuck. I just shut everything off and goes to bed. 

Getting Bootloop in Shanghai


I’ve never been happier after the upgrade to CM10.1. It’s a combination of few improvements that makes the phone so useable again.

The biggest improvement, IMO, would be Fast Charge. I cannot believe the phone, or its kernel is crippled to only draw only specific (read: reduced) amount of power when it detected it’s charging on USB. USB port only supply 5V 0.5A on standard, so even if your computer or car charger’s USB port is able to supply 1A or 2A charging, the phone is still going to charge at 0.5A.

0.5A is not even sufficient to counter the discharge when the phone is running Waze. Now with the fix, I am finally able to really charge the phone in the car even when it is running Waze. Moreover, charging over USB on computer is dramatically faster now.

Second improvement will be S2W or Sweep to Wake function. In the past, to have this feature, a custom kernel, namely the Bricked Kernel has to be used. It was very unstable while I was using the kernel, which gave quite a lot of SOD (Sleep Of Death). The phone just wouldn’t switch back on when pressing the power button, the only way is to reset the phone is to do the power-volume buttons combination.


Updating OneX HBOOT

Here’s a log on what I did to update my One X’s hboot from 0.94 to 1.36

First I’d found and download the necessary files from XDA Developer’s website:
hboot 1.36 files
CM10.1 A4 Installer

Backup phone log, sms log
Backup app using Titanium Backup
Backup the phone’s virtual sd card to computer
Run nandroid backup
Backup the nandroid files to computer
Get the Unlock_code.bin from HTC website:

In OSX terminal, input these code thru fastboot (from Android SDK):
fastboot oem lock – relocking the bootloader.
astboot oem rebootRUU – Rebooting the boot loader will show the HTC logo only.
fastboot flash zip – This will update the hboot 1.36 files.
fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin – unlock the boot loader.

This is the funny part, according to XDA it mentioned that the screen will change, but mine didn’t. I press Volume up and the power button anyway and the phone reset itself.

Since I haven’t flash the latest boot.img that’s compatible with the hoot 1.36, it didn’t boot into the OS. I soft-reset into bootloader and flash the boot.img with the last code: fastboot flash boot boot.img. Then I load into Recovery to flash the CM10.1 Beta ROMs, also installing the latest Google Apps, and then rebooted the phone.

After the phone rebooted, I was relief that my phone wasn’t wipe, and the content in the SD card is still intact.

Updating OneX HBOOT

Insufficient Storage Problem

I’ve been having Insufficient Storage problem for quite some time, and unable to update some Google core apps. It happened after one of the flashing of an updated CM10 ROM, and has gotten worse lately.

I used to delete the APK files from data/app, and the app would download and install, however recently the trick doesn’t work anymore. Today I did a little searching and found many user having same problem get fix by using an APP called Link2SD.

After installing Link2SD, I’m able to move some APP such as the bloated Chrome to SD card, which previously isn’t possible. Now I’m able to update my APPs again in PlayStore. I noticed that my Contact Storage is taking lots of space too – over 100MB! That’s mostly due to syncing my Facebook contacts and pics into the phone, and now I’m on the lookout for APPs that only sync photos of linked contacts, That’ll probably save tons of space.

For now I guess I’ll have to reduce the size of the image used for FB sycn.

Insufficient Storage Problem