An iPhone for my wife?

Recently my wife has been complaining how shitty her phone is. The biggest problem for her HTC Desire Eye would be that 16GB storage. It just can’t hold a lot of apps and she’s having headache deleting some rarely use one to make room for new apps. I can set-up the external storage (aka MicroSD) into a some sort of shared internal one since the phone is running on Android Marshmallow, but I think that’s going to amplify the second problem.

Second problem is speed. The phone’s Snapdragon 801 CPU may be the best of the bunch back in 2014, but at the end of 2016 it seem to has shown it age. I don’t know whether the CPU is the real culprit or is it the combination of RAM and almost full internal storage, but the phone simply loads apps slow and same for switching them back and fourth.

Another problem for her and not me is the difficulty in getting new casing, new cute casing for girls to be exact. It is so rare to find compatible casing in the streets compared to more popular HTC phones like the M8. My wife is simply envy seeing all the nicely design case out there designed only for the iPhone.

She saw some amazing photos taken on the iPhone 6S and she is really interested using one. She hear how better apps works in iOS and how smooth the OS is from her circle of friends who mostly use iPhone. I’m guessing for a lot of people out there, using an iPhone sort of speaks how trendy or how wealthy you are. Not for me.

I’ve been reluctant to get an iPhone for her because of the fact that I’m pretty cheapskate when comes to buying new phones. That RM1.8k Desire Eye I got for here is pretty much the most I will pay for a phone. I mean, it is a phone, not a laptop or PC where I can do a lot of things on, or a DSLR which high price give you good image quality and better handling as well. That new 128GB iPhone 7 Plus cost more than double of that!

Second would be the front facing camera. She love the HTC Desire Eye selfie camera, and it is also the main reason I got it for her. It is whopping 13 megapixel albeit from an older Sony sensor. It hold up pretty well in 2016 in good light and suck a little bit in poor light. And then it is the very wide 22mm (35mm equiv.) lens which makes it very easy for her to take group photos or just better selfies with more emphasize on what’s happening in the background.

The selfie camera on the iPhone 7 isn’t bad, in actual fact that new 7 megapixel sensor is much cleaner and will perform well on low light. However I do think the 32mm lens is too narrow for a selfie camera in 2016. I’m dead sure Apple is going to come out a new iPhone with wider selfie camera and make a lot of ladies wanting to change their old iPhone. Looks like I will have to resort to poor quality adapter lens for the selfie camera for her to get wide shots.

As for the main camera side, I do think that the dual camera on the new iPhone will be quite useful for her. She love to try new food and I think the new “Standard” lens camera will be a nice welcome for her to frame shot of foods, restaurant and people.

I am also reluctant to get an iPhone for her because of the Apple ecosystem. She’s been on Android for ages and a lot of her data are in Google server inside Google ecosystem, same goes for me. I really dislike the way iOS handles media files, and the only way to get them onto your PC is either via the buggy iTune or Apple Photo cloud crap. Maybe it is a good thing she’s using my old Apple Macbook Air right now that it may be easier for her to get into the Apple ecosystem bandwagon.

Maybe I should just set-up the external storage on her phone as internal and see how it turns out. Maybe she’ll forget about getting the iPhone.

An iPhone for my wife?

Clearing Jass’s Phone

My gf has been complaining that her phone is out of storage space. It has become so bad that she couldn’t update the apps anymore. She was using HTC Desire Eye, which I got her for her birthday. The phone has built in 16GB of storage and I’ve gotten her additional 32GB MicroSD card for to store photos.

I’ve checked the MicroSD card, it is not full. The internal 16GB is one that is full, only left some 200+MB. The last time I was left with so little space was when I was using the HTC One X and it was also very limited by its 8GB app storage (even though it has 32GB internal storage, stupid design by HTC).

Looking thru the internal storage, the app definitely took the majority of the space, but it shouldn’t have made the 16GB full. I try to move some apps to the SD cards, and too bad Android doesn’t allow many big apps to be moved to SD eg. Facebook, Google Map, Chrome. I tried clearing her bloated WhatsApp folder, shrinking it to 700MB. With all that I managed to make a total free space of 1.7GB.

Time to hit that overdue system update by HTC. I hope the Desire Eye gets Android 6.0.


Clearing Jass’s Phone